Past European Conferences, themes, highlights and keynotes.

We keep on working to make this overview complete, if you have information around previous EACI conferences, please share them!


‘Creativity IN Innovation’

The 13th ECCI conference was held in Dublin, Ireland from 7-11 June and is organized by ISPIM. The theme was oriented at ‘Creativity IN innovation:


‘Experience in Collaboration’

The 12th ECCI conference was held in Faro, Portugal from September 14-17 2011 and is organized by Apgico. The theme was oriented at ‘Collaboration: The ultimate learning experience in collaboration. More information and updates through the conference website:


‘Make it happen’

The 11th ECCI conference was held in Brussels, Belgium from October 28-30 2009 and is organized by COCD and Flanders DC. The theme was oriented at implementing the results of creative and innovative processes. More information and updates through the conference website:



Copenhagen in Denmark hosted the 10th E.A.C.I. conference on co-creation. A.o. the Copenhagen Business School was partnering this conference. The conference design was revolutionary with many innovative elements including a cross-disciplinary set-up of the academic program, a narration continuing throughout the conference, ‘crack the nut’ sessions focusing on concrete business cases and going to Danish companies.



Lodz, the 2nd largest city of Poland hosted the 9th conference on transformations. The Academy of Humanities and Economics welcomed a variety of academics and practitioners sharing their insights. Polands recent historic transformation served as a foundation for an impressive conference.


‘Cross-Cultural Innovation’

The 8th ECCI conference was held in Mainz, Germany and focused on cultural diversity in relation to creativity and innovation. An effort was made to invite practitioners and academics from all parts of the world resulting in an inspiring cross-cultural conference enabling participants to share insights from different cultural backgrounds.



The 7th ECCI conference, 9-12 December 2001 at the premises of the University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands consisted of an idea safari building further on the 1999 conference format and further developing the academic program.


'Fit for the Future'

An inspiring conference on the eve of 2000! The Fit For the Future conference which was held from 12 to 15 December in Lattrop, the Netherlands. The academic program is enlarged. A new conference format is developed with short sessions enabling to take a broad perspective on the field of creativity and innovation; later on during the conference sessions which were well-received by the attendants were repeated for a larger audience.



Opening and closing by Dr. W. Sturner, Edward de Bono receives official star-nomination.


'Power of synergy'

A splendid German Carnival in summer in Darmstadt! Keynotes by Dr. Horst Geschka, Prof. Tudor Rickards, Dr. Sidney Parnes.


'Quality Breakthroughs'

Special recognition to Dr. Sidney Parnes.


'Learning from Practice'

200 participants with kites on the beach in Noordwijk, the Netherlands! Practice sessions with 3M, DSM,…


'Network in Action'

An opening success in Noordwijk, the Netherlands! No keynotes.

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