What is an ECCI?
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ECCI: European Conference on Creativity & Innovation

The ECCI is the EACI conference. ECCI XX: where XX stands for the following number. Check here for the upcoming conference.

The conference

The EACI conference (ECCI) is the bi-yearly conference organised/hosted by a local EACI connected association.

The EACI uses the ABCD formula in terms of the audience it addresses, this also applies to the ECCI:

A - Academics: this means presenting the latest research papers on Creativity & Innovation (C&I)

B - Business: appliances of C&I in business life

C - Consulting: tools, techniques and training

D - Diverse: whatever doesn't fit into these categories

If you want to organise an ECCI

The process to nominate your country/association as organisers for the next ECCI is as follows:

1. You need to be representing your local association

2. Download and review the EACI - Guidelines for ECCI conferences.pdf for ECCI conferences

3. Nominate yourself by sending a message to info@eaci.net

4. Ensure a representative of your association can attend the ECCI conference

5. Ensure a representative of your association can attend the EACI Board meeting during the ECCI conference

6. During the EACI Board meeting the EACI wider Board will vote on the country/association for the next ECCI

7. At the closing ceremony of the current ECCI, the next organisers will be announced!