The European Association for Creativity & Innovation

The EACI is a not-for-profit European association, which focuses on spreading (knowledge about) creativity & innovation throughout Europe. The main activities are: the bi-yearly conference, the website, the mailing list and the network of connected associations. The EACI associations network is open to all European (not-for-profit) associations/organisations. Besides this, EACI member network is open to individuals, students, corporations and local governments.

The mission of the EACI is to provide a platform for practitioners and academics in the field of creativity and innovation according to the ABC(D)-formula. The EACI wants to bridge the A (Academics), B (Business), C (Consultants & trainers) and D (diffusion, the rest of the world) in the European society.

The European Association for Creativity & Innovation wants...

‘ to be the European community of best creative & innovative practice by sharing passionately a common purpose in removing barriers for sustainable personal and societal fulfillment through innovation, jobs and wealth creation. ’

With the first European Conference on Creativity & Innovation (ECCI) in 1987 the European Association for Creativity & Innovation (EACI) had informally headed off. In 1993 the EACI became a formal organisation structured as a foundation according to the Dutch law.

EACI Board

This wider board consists of all member associations have a seat, they can vote on items concerning the EACI, like the vote for the location of the next conference and the votes for strategic projects.

EACI Exec Board

This senior board oversees the general direction, ensures the ABCD-formula and the Creativity & Innovation focus remains in EACI (related) activities and supports the EACI Board and EACI project teams with advice, knowledge and network.

We welcome you to join us on our bi-yearly conference, connect with local associations share knowledge and link up with other great personalities in the creative field.

Best regards,

The EACI Exec Board

Ramon Vullings


Mark Vandael


Dorotea Slimani


Sylvie Courcelle


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