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Bringing together methods and tools from collaborative arts, science, business, education, technology and social development, which can be adapted to innovation in organizations.


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CONFERENCE Overview | About the Conference | Important Dates | Programme | Location | Contacts

To provide opportunities for learning experiences in collaboration to innovation before, during and after the conference

- To approach any collaborative activity, discipline or performance that uses specific methods and tools to engage more diverse participants in the decision making process
- To learn new ways to be creative together and to develop radical innovations
- To enter the conference as a play where the participants are the actors
- To use participants’ talents as a means to improve participation and sharing
- To provide contact opportunities with local culture and expression

Since 1987, the European Association for Creativity & Innovation (EACI) (http://www.eaci.net) co-organizes the bi-annual European Conference on Creativity & Innovation (ECCI), together with a local creativity and innovation association in Europe, with the intention of providing a platform for practitioners and academics in the field of creativity and innovation according to the ABCD formula: A (Academics), B (Business), C (Consultants & trainers) and D (Diffusion, the rest of the world) in the European society.

In 2011, the Portuguese Creativity and Innovation Association – APGICO (http://www.apgico.pt) is organizing the ECCI XII, with the purpose of providing an environment where participants learn with each other ways of developing collaborative activities which promote innovation.

Additional ECCI XII videos
Evaluation Results

The conference will be held in different places of the Faro-Loulé region within a 30Km radius of the co-ordination center (ESSUALG). Check out the photos where the event will happen.
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