Jeffrey Baumgartner
Anti-Conventional Thinking (ACT)
Have you been disappointed by the results of brainstorming, ideas campaigns, crowdsourcing and other ideation approaches? That’s not surprising. They are based on creative problem solving (CPS), which is great at generating lots of ideas, but not necessarily creative ideas.. Moreover, a growing body of research is finding fundamental flaws with CPS.

Jeffrey Baumgartner has reviewed the research and developed a new approach to creativity: anti-conventional thinking (ACT), which exploits the way the brain solves problems and emulates the approach artists and other highly creative people use.

ACT is about being purposely unconventional in your idea generation. But it is not just about ideas. It is about how you look at problems, how you generate ideas, the importance of criticism, idea selection and more.

In this workshop, you will learn:

• the theory behind ACT.
• How to use ACT individually as well as in groups.
• How to facilitate ACT events.
Jeffrey Baumgartner is the founder of ( which has developed and markets Jenni innovation process management software globally. In addition, he is the co-founder of the Brussels Imagination Club, a group which runs experimental workshops in Europe’s capital. He is the author of The Way of the Innovation Master as well as the editor of Report 103, a popular eJournal on business creativity and innovation. He has lived and worked in the USA, UK, Portugal, Germany, Thailand and Belgium.