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If you haven’t registered yet, click here or choose the story and character first and register after;

Participants will be organized in groups according with their choice of the list of well know tales. In each story a character must be chosen, either from the given list or other. Each story will “close” when the group attains 20 registrations and more stories will be added to the list, if necessary.

Each group will be invited to attend different workshops and presentations, based on a 20-people limit to workshops and 40-people limit to presentations. Choice will be given to which keynote, paper presentation or indoor workshop to attend, depending on each room capacity.

Outdoor workshops content will be known only upon arrival to the workshop site. We ask participants to understand that the catering, transportation and logistics must be executed as planned and any change may be present a problem for its effectiveness.

As indicated, participants will be asked to choose a story and a character within the story. When each group attains a certain dimension, participants will be asked to list organizational problems that they think the story suggests, under the chosen character point of view.

After each participant has chosen, the whole group list of problems will be sent to everyone in the group, and people will then be asked to choose a specific problem from the list, according to each one’s notion of relative importance.

From the choices made, a problem will be selected in each group and participants will be asked to indicate which actions must be performed in order to solve the problem, again from each character’s point of view. From the lists received a final list shall be sent to every participant in the group and each one will be asked to choose a task to be responsible for, during the conference.

Each group will have a big storyboard in the conference lobby, where the planned tasks will be shown, and it will be everybody’s mission to provide suggestions on how to accomplish each task. At the end of the conference all lists will be consolidated and, if interesting as a means to understand problem solving in organizations, published in a specific section of the proceedings.

We hope that the whole procedure of story selection and discussion will contribute to reinforce team spirit and networking, before, during and after the conference.

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