Fostering creativity in innovation 

The mission of the EACI is to foster European creativity in innovation, by encouraging people from European universities, research centers, governments, and companies to exchange and create knowledge & experience on creativity, in order to contribute to Miss Europe’s dreams: world peace and a good hair day.

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The EACI Board

Willemijn Brouwer - President

Katrina Heijne - Vice President

Barbera Keukens - Secretary

The EACI advisory Board and old Board

Ramon Vullings

Mark Vandael

What is the EACI?

The European Association for Creativity & Innovation is a European not-for-profit association, which focuses on spreading and creating (knowledge about) creativity in innovation throughout Europe.

The EACI network is open to all European (not-for-profit) associations/organizations and individuals, students, corporations, and local governments.
We aim to connect like-minded spirits in order to learn from and work with each other:
1. Bi-annual conference

2. Our yearly special conference track at the ISPIM conference, provided by our advisory board
3. This website
4. The Linkedin Group
5. The network of connected associations

·   The EACI network

Overview of EACI connected local associations in Europe.
We keep on updating this list as the network grows.

Do you think your organisation should be listed? Let us know!